Stuart Henderson <> writes:

> On 2018/04/09 09:27, Matthias Schmidt wrote:
>> Hi Christian,
>> On 08.04.2018 22:42, Christian Barthel wrote:
>> > Hello,
>> > 
>> > i am often sitting behind a very slow internet link and thought, it
>> > might be useful to show the current bandwidth while downloading
>> > something with ftp(1).
>> Since I sometimes work with crappy WLANs/connections I very much appreciate
>> your patch!
> Do you know you can just send SIGINFO (often bound to ^T) to get the same
> information?

Hi Stuart, 
Hi Matthias, 

thanks for your replies.  I've tested it with 80x25 terminals and also
checked the bsd.rd installer image.  To me, it looks ok.

I also know about SIGINFO but in my particular case, it was useful to
print the bandwidth all the time.  But I guess that most users don't
need that information and having SIGINFO/^T is sufficient.

Thanks for your comments,

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