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> > Hi tech@,
> > 
> > I frequently want to move a file from one place to another and shred
> > the original via the rm(1) -P option.  On several occasions I have
> > forgotten about wanting to shred the original file when using mv(1)
> > instead (out of habit) and ended up losing the ability to do so easily
> > because mv(1) unlinks the original in the cross-filesystem case.
> > 
> > This patch adds a -P option to mv(1) that does the same thing rm -P
> > does in all the cases where it would normally just unlink the source
> > file.
> > 
> > Maybe someone else has shared my "d'oh!" moment after typing mv?
> > Maybe this isn't worth it and should just be dealt with using a shell
> > alias, but to me this feels cleaner.
> > 
> > Feedback most welcome as always.
> over my dead body.

A better answer would've been:

    POSIX gives us no way to "shred" a file and our non-standard
    extension to rm already irks us; we don't want to add yet another
    to mv.

That would've made sense, and also would've been polite.  More
importantly it would've been better for someone to have found that in
the archives than what you said, which will surely leave people who
find it wondering why you behave this way.

Pax, -A
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