Hi Mike,

About the GPDPocket laptop specifically, my best awareness is that its
battery status reporting has been reported to be quirky, and that it
might work in some BIOS versions and not in other.

The GPDPocket's BIOS comes in two flavors, "unlocked" with more options
and "locked" with less.

To my best awareness the best "unlocked" one is dated 2017-06-28 [1],
and the best "locked" one is dated 2017-08-07 [2].

I think GPD's skill is hardware rather than software.

Below some related references [3]. Take care BIOS options as they could
brick the laptop.





"P7 BIOS-20170807.zip"





https://github.com/stockmind/gpd-pocket-ubuntu-respin , "It also let you boot 
on zero battery charge (previous versions require at least 15-20% of battery 
charge to boot)."

"Other than that your BIOS is known to have something different related to 
enumerating devices and management of battery that gave some trouble on past 
kernels" https://github.com/stockmind/gpd-pocket-ubuntu-respin/issues/63

2018-05-17 15:09 GMT+08:00 Mike Larkin <mlar...@azathoth.net>:
> Just to follow up, this did not fix the battery issue (still "absent" and
> 0%) on the GPD.

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