On Wed, Aug 01, 2018 at 12:03:19AM +0200, Klemens Nanni wrote:
> This diff merges `host_v4()' and `host_v6()' into the much simpler
> `host_addr()'.
> Instead of calling inet_pton() and getaddrinfo() while using AF specific
> structs for IPv4 and IPv6 respectively, use getaddrinfo() for both in
> combination with `struct sockaddr_storage'.
> `host_dns()' can adapt the same copy routine.
> I tested different ntpd.conf constellations and stepped through gdb to
> ensure that values such as family, length and scope id were still
> carried over.
I only received general appreciation from one person but would like to
get technical feedback on it. Has anyone tried the diff so far?

If it helps, I can split the diff up into smaller pieces. Perhaps
making host_v6() generic first, then adapting host_v4() and host_dns()
before eventually simplifying host().

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