On Sun 2019.01.06 at 14:46 -0500, Charles A Daniels wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm new around here, so apologies in advance if I miss something
> obvious.
> I have written a patch to cwm so that the htile/vtile functionality
> only affect windows within the same monitor as the active window. For
> single monitor setups, this will have no effect. For multi-monitor
> setups, this will allow multiple different monitors to have windows
> tiled independently from one another (within the same group).
> This is implemented by modifying the relevant checks to ignore any
> clients (ci) where the client is outside of the area of the current
> display as returned by screen_area() (ci->geom not within area).
> Testing and feedback are welcome and appreciated!


I don't use vtile/htile, nor do I have anything but one monitor
(laptop), so I'm not opposed to this. However, for those with
multi-monitors, the current behavior will change - that is, the
vtile/htile's will only take affect per monitor.

That said, all other cwm-based client modifications operate within a
monitor, so this would be consistent.

Would a large number of cwm users have their work-flow disrupted by this

> Regards, 
> ~ Charles
> P.S. I would be curious to heard about others' development workflows
> for window managers. I've been compiling cwm, copying it to
> /usr/X11R6/bin, logging out, and logging back in. This is really un-
> ergonomic, and I'd like to have a better setup, but I've never
> developed a window manager before so I'm unsure how to improve.

cwm will re-exec itself so you don't need to; however I typically run
cwm out of an xterm when I really need.


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