On 07/02/19(Thu) 13:52, Raphael Graf wrote:
> [...] 
> The new diff below solves this yuy2/yuyv problem by defining them both under
> the same name 'yuy2'.

That's great.  I would just change the comment to explain that it's due
to an incoherency between the names reported by XvListImageFormats(3) and
V4L2 :) 

> The only change to the manpage is now the addition of yv12 to the list of
> valid encodings.

Fine, I just missed the point: why do we need to support yv12?

> The trickiest part is the 'choose_enc' function where encodings are chosen
> based on device capabilities.
> The following conversions are now possible:
> yuy2 -> uyvy
> yuy2 -> yv12
> uyvy -> yuy2
> uyvy -> yv12
> As my webcam only provides yuy2, I have used input-files for testing:
> $ video -i test.yuy2
> $ video -i test.uyvy -e uyvy
> $ video -i test.yv12 -e yv12
> These examples work for me with both drivers (modesetting and intel).
> The conversion to yv12 has a small performance impact, of course. Do you think
> the performance is acceptable?

Do you think it is?  When is the conversion needed?

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