On Fri, Nov 08, 2019 at 11:59:20AM +0000, Stuart Henderson wrote:
> > Given the amount of people which encrypt /home directory on their servers,
> > it might be useful to be able to define another directory for the sets in
> > sysupgrade as /home_sysupgrade will not be available in that case.
> This (encrypted /home but not boot-loader-assisted FDE) doesn't seem
> like it would be all that common a thing to me, but I can think of
> other use cases for moving the directory.
> I know a similar request was rejected in earlier sysupgrade, but now
> that sysupgrade uses /auto_upgrade.conf rather than special code in
> install.sub it seems a reasonable change to make.
> > +.It Fl d Ar directory
> > +Choose the 
> Nit: trailing whitespace, otherwise it's OK sthen@
I agree with sthen here, but the diff still misses an update to usage();

SETSDIR values containing spaces will also blow up the script.  Not
reachable due to earlier errors, but this is worth noting as we install
`rm -f ${SETSDIR}{${CLEAN}}` into rc.firsttime(8) which is run as root,
so careful with blindly rm(1)'ing user input.

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