On Wed, Feb 05 2020, Todd Mortimer <t...@opennet.ca> wrote:
> Hi George,
> On Tue, Feb 04, 2020 at 08:39:12PM -0500, George Koehler wrote:
>> Hello tech list,
>> This is a diff for base-clang.  It would change the powerpc target to
>> return small structs in registers r3 and r4.  This would fix an
>> incompatibility with gcc in OpenBSD macppc.  I fear that if I commit
>> the diff, I might break snapshot builds.  I am looking for help.
> The diff looks sane to me. I don't see anything that would obviously
> break snaps, and the option is limited to only the ppc platform.
> I am running it through a release build here (amd64) and will know how
> that turned out tomorrow after work, so will be able to confirm that you
> won't break snaps on that arch. I don't expect there to be any problem
> there. I should be able to test it on macppc over the weekend, so if
> you're paranoid you can wait to see how that goes.

fwiw I'm already ok with the diff George sent for ports/devel/llvm.
I'm mostly ok with this one but it would be nice to know whether
base-clang can rebuild itself.  :)

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