The order of commands is not in sync between help page and manual, but
I refrained from reordering to avoid churn.


NB: On a 80x24 xterm, the help page is already using the last line,
hiding all of the "Hit any key to continue: " prompt except its first
five characters which land on the last `u [-user]' line.

With those two lines added, the `S' line becomes the last one but and
on a 80x24 terminal the continue prompt gets can be seen completely.

I guess this can be fixed/improved regardless of the last line, but
that's stuff for another diff.

Index: display.c
RCS file: /cvs/src/usr.bin/top/display.c,v
retrieving revision 1.61
diff -u -p -r1.61 display.c
--- display.c   27 Oct 2019 13:52:26 -0000      1.61
+++ display.c   26 Jun 2020 21:32:37 -0000
@@ -805,6 +805,8 @@ show_help(void)
            "<space>      - update screen\n"
            "+            - reset any P highlight, g, p, or u filters\n"
            "1            - display CPU statistics on a single line\n"
+           "9 | 0        - scroll up/down the process list by one line\n"
+           "( | )        - scroll up/down the process list by screen half\n"
            "C            - toggle the display of command line arguments\n"
            "d count      - show `count' displays, then exit\n"
            "e            - list errors generated by last \"kill\" or 
\"renice\" command\n"
@@ -812,7 +814,7 @@ show_help(void)
            "h | ?        - help; show this text\n"
            "H            - toggle the display of threads\n"
            "I | i        - toggle the display of idle processes\n"
-           "k [-sig] pid - send signal `-sig' to process `pid'\n"
+           "k [-sig] pid - send signal `-sig' (TERM by default) to process 
            "n|# count    - show `count' processes\n"
            "o [-]field   - specify sort order (size, res, cpu, time, pri, pid, 
            "               (o -field sorts in reverse)\n"

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