A rule on a bridge interface that uses arp or rarp may be followed with
a literal "request" or "reply" (cf. sbin/ifconfig/brconfig.c L1041 and
1048), so the Ar macro is incorrect as it's argument is not
a placeholder.

Aside: Is there a rule for when to list alternatives with foo | bar or
foo Ns | Ns bar? in/out, arp/rarp, and request/reply are all the former
sans-Ns; however, block/pass uses the Ns macro.

diff --git ifconfig.8 ifconfig.8
index c522491ad45..2d1d2eb1974 100644
--- ifconfig.8
+++ ifconfig.8
@@ -751,7 +751,7 @@ like a hub or a wireless network.
 .Bk -words
 .Op Cm tag Ar tagname
-.Cm arp | rarp Op Ar request | reply
+.Cm arp | rarp Op Cm request | reply
 .Op Cm sha Ar lladdr
 .Op Cm spa Ar ipaddr
 .Op Cm tha Ar lladdr

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