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> - i cannot work out what is with the \! examples. i know we try to make
>   entries work for both csh and sh style shells, but stuff like this
>   works without escaping:
>       $ find . ! -type f

Going through the CVS and SCCS history, I see that the examples
came with a rewrite of find(1) at Berkeley 30 years ago.

csh's behavior that "for convenience, a `!' is passed unchanged
when it is followed by a blank, tab, newline, `=' or `('" has been
documented as such at least since the start of the CSRG repository
in 1985.

bash, whose history substitution was modeled on csh, also shares
this behavior.

I think it was never necessary to escape the '!' and the man page
examples were written with an abundance of caution and a lack of
understanding of csh's exact replacement mechanism.

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