I think "ease of compatibility" was meant I personally would keep it that way but thanks for the nice catch!


On 11/27/20 11:44 AM, Eddie Thieda wrote:

Here's a small typo fix, url included if text gets mangled.


--- nsd.conf.5.in Tue Oct 13 06:06:08 2020
+++ nsd.conf.5.in2 Fri Nov 27 05:35:17 2020
@@ -161,7 +161,7 @@ anycast instances.  Use ip-transparent to be able to l
  turn on later (typical for certain load-balancing).
  .B interface:\fR <ip4 or ip6>[@port] [servers] [bindtodevice] [setfib]
-Same as ip\-address (for easy of compatibility with unbound.conf).
+Same as ip\-address (for easy compatibility with unbound.conf).
  .B ip\-transparent:\fR <yes or no>
  Allows NSD to bind to non local addresses. This is useful to have NSD

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