Omar Polo <> wrote:

> On 2023/05/10 09:30:12 +0200, Theo Buehler <> wrote:
> > > I forgot to include one off_t cast since it was in a different
> > > directory and -even if off topic because it's not in portable- instead
> > > of "const"-ify only tz why don't mark as const also the two arrays day
> > > and month?
> > 
> > ok.
> > 
> > The previous diff used (long long int) and this one now uses (long long).
> > Would be nice to be consistent.
> Yes, indeed.  smtpd uses `long long int', while for mail.local doesn't
> have any.  I'll go with `long long int' for consistency, typed `long
> long' out of muscular memory.

I think it is wrong for smtpd to use "long long int".  It is pointless
silliness, and there is more value in being idiomatically identical with
the greater body of code.

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