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> This patch drags ualarm.3 over to where alarm.3 is.  I think it reads
> better and the wording is truer to what the function actually does.
> In particular, ualarm(3) does not block or "wait": the alarm is
> scheduled for asynchronous delivery by the operating system.
> I think I may have tried to clean this up two years ago.  I don't
> remember where that got sidetracked, but fwiw this was written from
> scratch using alarm.3 as a guide.
> Two things I'm iffy on:
> - "high resolution" or "high-resolution"?

nanosleep(2) uses "high resolution" so I think we should be consistent
with that.

> - The current manual mentions an upper bound (2147483647).  I'm not
>   sure when, if ever, this was the real: useconds_t is unsigned, so an
>   upper bound of INT32_MAX seems off.

This may have been copy pasta from alarm.3 which used to document
the same limit (which was actually incorrect at the time due to

>   I am leaning toward just leaving the patch as-is instead of trying
>   to guide the end-user through the minefield of matching bespoke
>   "_t" types to real types and limits.
> Tweaks?  ok?

OK millert@

 - todd

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