On Tue, Aug 01, 2023 at 11:11:43PM +0200, Robert Palm wrote:
> I own a VF 2 version 1.2a and can successfully install / boot the machine.
> The inner network port (dwqe1) works at 100 full duplex and receives ipv4
> via DHCP.
> The outer port currently doesn't seem to get an ip, but gets active and in
> full-duplex 100.
> It seems a lot depends on proper .dtb files (which kind users shared with me).
> How did you create the .dtb files ?

I don't know about the rest of the questions, but you can update a .dtb
with a program from the ports in devel/dtc.

pjp@polarstern$ more pkg/DESCR
The Device Tree Compiler (DTC) compiles device-tree descriptions for
booting PowerPC kernels on embedded systems without OpenFirmware.

Optional dependency: install the bash package if you wish to use dtdiff.

There is something similar in Linux.  Basically you would convert the .dtb
to a .dts, edit it and convert the .dts back to .dtb.

I hope that answers one question.

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> Do you plan to update them ?
> They seem to be quite different to the "official" starfive releases (which
> don't work for me with OpenBSD).
> Do you plan more work on the VF2 ?
> Thanks!

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