A user in IRC asked about route exec's exit status which seems
a reasonable thing to document.

The text is a combination of .Ex -std and env(1). Also route exec
requires a command, so fix the .Op markup.

diff --git route.8 route.8
index 887446c1420..ee5bd15fa1a 100644
--- route.8
+++ route.8
@@ -281,7 +281,8 @@ and/or a gateway.
 .Op Fl T Ar rtable
 .Cm exec
-.Op Ar command ...
+.Ar command
+.Op Ar arg ...
 Execute a command, forcing the process and its children to use the
 routing table and appropriate routing domain as specified with the
@@ -514,6 +515,44 @@ host and network name database
 .It Pa /etc/mygate
 default gateway address
+For commands other than
+.Cm exec ,
+utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.
+For the
+.Cm exec
+command the
+utility exits with one of the following values:
+.Bl -tag -width Ds
+.It 0
+completed successfully and
+.Ar command
+was invoked and completed successfully too.
+.It 1
+An invalid command line option was passed to
+or setting the routing table failed and
+.Ar command
+was not invoked, or
+.Ar command
+was invoked but failed with exit status 1.
+.It 2\(en125, 128\(en255
+.Ar command
+was invoked but failed with this exit status;
+see its manual page for more information.
+.It 126
+.Ar command
+was found but could not be invoked, or it was invoked but failed
+with exit status 126.
+.It 127
+.Ar command
+could not be found, or it was invoked but failed with exit status 127.
 Show the current IPv4 routing tables,
 without attempting to print hostnames symbolically:

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