Now that we got .VARIABLES in make, this is going to be put to great use

Namely, instead of the currently (very clunky)

DISTFILES = sometarball:0
MASTER_SITES0 = where to get this

I propose we do something like: = sometarball = where to get this

- infinite number of alternate sites if need be
- less cumbersome syntax

Before .VARIABLES, there would need to be a way to list those suffixes,
but now, it's about as complicated as

the are reasonably trivial. Repercussions to sqlports and dpb
need a bit more work (it's not complicated, it just needs to be dealt with

This ought to lift a lot of limitations eventually, along with thfr work
(still morphing thru lots of feedback)

Some of the basic support ought to hit the ports tree soon, the rest
requires make's .VARIABLES support to be generally available in snapshots.

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