On Sun, Aug 13, 2023 at 01:48:21PM -0500, Scott Cheloha wrote:
> This is the next patch in the clock interrupt reorganization series.
> Before we continue breaking up the hardclock(9) we need to detour into
> the MD code.
> This patch divides the "initialization" parts of cpu_initclocks() from
> the "start the clock interrupt" parts.  Seprating the two parts leaves
> initclocks() an opportunity to prepare the primary CPU for clock
> interrupt dispatch in a machine-independent manner before actually
> pulling the trigger.  It's nearly impossible to do any MI setup during
> initclocks() because cpu_initclocks() does everything in one go: both
> initialization and kickoff are done when cpu_initclocks() returns.
> Many platforms have a "cpu_startclock()" function, so this patch takes
> that de facto standard and makes it a rule: cpu_startclock() is now
> required.  It is prototyped in sys/systm.h and every platform must
> implement it.
> The revised initclocks() sequence is then:
> 1. Call cpu_initclocks().  At minimum, cpu_initclocks() ensures
>    hz, stathz, and profhz are initialized.  All the machine
>    independent setup in step (2) (currently) depends upon
>    these machine-dependent values.
> 2. Compute intervals using hz, stathz, and profhz.
>    In a later step I will move the full contents of clockintr_init()
>    up into initclocks() and get rid of clockintr_init() entirely.
> 3. Call cpu_startclock().  At minimum, cpu_startclock() starts the
>    clock interrupt dispatch cycle on the primary CPU.
> I have compiled/booted this patch on amd64 (lapic path), arm64, i386
> (lapic path), macppc, octeon, and sparc64 (sun4v).
> I am looking for compile/boot tests on alpha, armv7, hppa, landisk,
> luna88k, powerpc64, and riscv64.  I think armv7 is the tricky one
> here.  Everything else is relatively straightforward, though I may
> have missed a few stray variables here or there.
> Test results?  Ok?

Compiles on armv7 and boots on an Allwinner A20 machine using agtimer(4).
I don't think I have any armv7 systems using other timer devices.

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