Hello Everybody

Around an hour ago I took receipt of my shiny new Blaze ET from Hims 
International. I just finished unpacking it and the first thing which struck me 
was just how many optional extras came with it. As well as the usual stuff like 
power adapter and USB cable, there seems to be an asortment of different size 
carrying straps. The case is also prestine soft leather which, I must say, 
beats the HumanWare devices which come with Silicone cases which don't provide 
any protection whatsoever to ow front control panel. The Blaze itself is also 
really small. I'm going to do some direct comparisons between it and my old 
Victor Reader Stream (2014 generation). But first, I need to make it my 
business to check out the other device in case there is an updated firmware 
which does enable inthe broken radio options currently on my device.


My Compliments And Kindest Regards
Gordon Smith
'Accessibility And Information Technology Support Specialist

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