If you're looking for a good USB headset for Skype, VOIP or other chats from your computer then the Plantronics Audio 478 is worth the look.

The headset is an over the ear type and is stereo, not terribly good for music but very nice for chatting.

A boom microphone fols down from the left earpiece and it can be adjusted, the microphone is a noise cancelling type but still sounds very good, one of the best I've heard from this type of headset.

The volume, mute etc is controlled by an inline control panel which features one programmable key, you might like to programme this to answer and end Skype calls for example.

If that's not enough then the Plantronics Audio 478 can be folded away into a supplied nylon carry bag and packed into your Notebook or tablet case.

I bought my first of these headsets 5 years ago and that particular unit is only now starting to show signs of wear. I have a couple of these headsets about the house.

Great value for money at around $30.


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