And so it is, Eyeballs and I got the phone finally talking with Talkback via 
the procedure I outlined in an earlier eMail to the group.
Unfortunately I had to go out so I couldn’t “Dive In” until my return.
These are very basic impressions of the phone and perhaps more experienced 
Android users may wish to comment on what I’ve found as I’m sure I can change a 
few things.
I found the touch screen to be far less sensitive than what I’m used to with 
the samsung phones, perhaps its just a matter of me getting used to the Sony 
more than anything else.
Because of the large screen I often found my fingers straying into the 
notification area but then again - because of the large screen - I’m finding 
iCons well laid out and easy to get to.
The default keyboard is a Swift keyboard, I’ve never heard of that one before 
so if someone could recommend another?
I aim to install the Google Now Launcher, I’m familiar with that and it will 
make a change from seeing the Sony Xperia excitement badge all over the place.
The phone has the best audio from internal speakers I’ve ever heard from a 
phone, two speakers on the front - one at either end - make the volume 
incredibly loud.
So there you have it after an hours work <smile>.

Those of a positive and enquiring frame of mind will leave the rest of the 
halfwits in this world behind.

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