I took advantage of the Sight and Sound Offer and bought the Open Book  /
Pearl Camera combo.


I am pretty pleased but wonder if anybody knows

1.       It is it possible to have a silent scan mode rather than scan and
read. If you are scanning a book it is a little distracting to hear the page
begin to read every scan.

2.        From time to time there is a mystery tone which plays without an
error message when I attempt a scan a page. Sometimes this tone plays once
and sometimes twice, before the camera sound is heard and the scan
completes. What is going on here?

3.       .  I have found only very brief documentation  online in relation
to Pearl and the Open Book - neither of which covers these aspects of the
software. Is there a better guide anywhere? I will try scanning the booklet
which came with the Pearl but I would have  thought an accessible electronic
version would be available.



David Griffith

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