Here's the operating instruction manual for what I believe to be a most interesting product, I only hope it works so only time will tell for that.

this device is called a Pestrol Rodent free which uses a combination of technology's to keep rats, mice etc at bay so without any further ado here's the manual which is only a page long.

PESBOL PEST CONTROL Australia call 1800 33 88 88 New Zealand call 0800 88 88 44 www.oestrol.co.nz Pestrol Rodent Free Combines 3 Technologies: Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic and Ionic Pest Control plus a night light. Electronic Pest Control is safe for people, pets and electronic equipment including Wi- Fi and utilizes the existing electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic technology taps into your existing wiring by simply sending a pulse or shifting signal through the wires, tuned to irritate the pest's nervous system. The signal is turned on and off at set intervals so the pests will not build up a tolerance. The pests also become disorientated and want to leave. Ultrasonic pest control emits a high pitch sound, higher than the human hearing range that confuses pests making it difficult or impossible for them to gather food, breed, build their nests and communicate with each other. This function can be turned off if required in the very rare event that sound can be heard. Ionic Technology generates negative ions in the atmosphere, helping to eliminate odours and purifying the air you breathe. One unit will take care of a small home but it is recommended 1 unit per floor level. This ensures the electromagnetic application is adequately maintained for successful results. Larger homes may require 2 or more units plus and 5 or more for larger areas. This Repeller is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the Repeller. INSTRUCTIONS Simply plug the unit directly into an electrical socket in the wall. The kitchen and dining room are often popular locations. Ideally it should be mounted in power points situated throughout the home or building so as to ensure an adequate coverage. Ensure the unit is placed in an unobstructed area for the ultrasonic waves to achieve maximum coverage re: the Ultrasonic function Ultrasonic waves do not pass through solid objects and/or turn, bend around corners. The Electromagnetic technology per unit covers a 1-2 bedroom home. Do not plug it into a power cord or a multi-plug unit. If there are two power systems in the building you will need one unit per circuit and one unit per floor level. The switch has four functions 1. Off except the green Ionic light. This light is always on. 2- Turns off the Ultrasonic Waves. Electromagnetic and Ionic ON - Floor light Off. 3. Operates the Ultrasonic, Ionic and Electromagnetic functions. - Floor light Off. 4. All functions including the floor light ON. The lights flick off and on continuously. Please note there may be increased activity within the first few days, as rodents and Cockroaches are disturbed by the Pestrol Rodent Free device. Please note: it will take from 3 to 12 days approximately for the Rats and Mice to leave and in rare instances may take as long as 30 days. Block up any easy access holes. The unit will also help to control Cockroaches, but be aware unhatched eggs can lay dormant for up to 6 months or more. SPECIFICATIONS Ultrasonic Sound Distance of up to 250 sq. metres approx Size: H13 W7.7 D6.5 mm (approx.) Power: AC 240 V/50HZ Power consumption: 8 W (Max.) Ultrasonic Frequency: at preset intervals. Ultrasonic wave: At selected intervals. Electromagnetic Pulse: At preset intervals The unit has a two year warranty. This product is manufactured especially for Pestrol. Z1029


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