I’m always happy to write about speakers that sound good and good sounding 
speakers is what you get when you buy speakers from those craftsmen who know 
their art.
When I speak of  speaker craftsmen I’m not talking about those speakers one 
finds at the local discount store rather the speakers that are made by 
manufacturers devoted to the art of making speakers  you find in specialist 
Hi-Fi shops so in other words if you want good speaker systems then you may 
have to go hunting for them.
Good computer speaker systems are extremely rare but they’re available if you 
know where to look but again you’ll pay a price to get good computer speakers 
and to my mind the extra dollars are certainly going to do your ears a favour.
I bought a B&W MM1  computer speaker system    last year and have been very 
happy with the sound of these very small desktop speakers.
The headphone amplifier included should have enough power to drive most 
The MM1’s have an auxiliary analogue input jack along with a USB lead for 
connection to your computer thus a direct digital path from your computer to 
the  speakers resulting in a richer higher quality sound than you’d get with 
most cheaper computer speakers that plug into the headphones jack of your 
And that’s as far as the MM1’s go, a nice sounding pair of computer speakers if 
you’re sitting in front of them at your desk, great to relax to if you have a 
nice comfortable computer chair.
So can we go any further with speakers for your computer? I believe that Keff 
have given us an definite “Yes”, answer to this question with their Keff Egg 
speaker system.
The system is made up of two desktop standing speakers that look like eggs 
standing on their ends sitting on very sturdy  stands.
The speakers have a very fulfilling sound stage that will easily fill a small 
As well as a direct USB connection to a computer you get an Optical/Analogue 
line-in and Bluetooth APTX to complete the input source list so this speaker 
system can be used not only as a desktop computer system but a speaker system 
in a small room say for a Television or even used in conjunction with your 
Smart phone using Bluetooth APTX to provide great listening enjoyment.
The Digital Optical input will play sources up to 96K, not as high as other 
systems perhaps but impressive for this type of small speaker system.
A remote control is provided to access all functions including volume, sources 
selection etc.
Controls on the base of the right speaker give access to these functions and 
I’m glad to say that the buttons are raised and sound a very reassuring click 
when pressed.
Having used the Keff Egg for an hour or so now I come away with some very 
interesting opinions.
I won’t try and compare the Egg to the MM1 as they’re completely different 
designs but the one thing these 2 speaker systems do have in common is that 
they’re beautiful sounding speakers.
The Egg should be right at home connected to a Television or if you’re watching 
movies on your Computer as dialogue has a crisp clear sound, something lacking 
on many speaker systems.
The Keff Egg doesn’t have a headphones output which is disappointing so if 
private listening to your computer is one of your goals then the B&W MM1’s are 
certainly worth considering.


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