distro: VectorLinux 1.0

problem: /etc/resolv.conf looks like this

search domain.com sub1.domain.com sub2.domain.com domain.net
sub3.domain.net sub4.domain.net
nameserver <IP>
nameserver <IP>


the problem is that the search path doesn't work :( the *first* domain
will work, no matter what it is (I've done much rearranging based upon
superstition) but the others are flat out ignored

this bugs (since the machines I admin are scattered across multiple

Unfortunetly I have no access to another linux box to test another

1. Any ideas? 
2. Can anyone confirm/deny this behavior in another linux distro? I don't
recall ever trying multiple search domains before, personally, but it
works fine on solaris 2.7 and openBSD 2.7


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