Enhanced Wireless Consortium to Enable Ecosystem of Interoperable, High-Speed
            Wireless LAN Solutions In Advance of 802.11n Standard

    SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Twenty seven Wi-Fi(R) industry
leaders today announced a coalition formed to accelerate the IEEE 802.11n
standard development process and promote a technology specification for next-
generation wireless local area networking (WLAN) products. By introducing a
specification with widespread industry support, the Enhanced Wireless
Consortium (EWC) hopes to speed ratification of an 802.11n standard, while
enabling an ecosystem of high-performance WLAN products built to a common set
of guidelines. This widely adopted specification will benefit consumers by,
among other things, ensuring the interoperability of
next-generation wireless products across a variety of brands and platforms.
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    The Enhanced Wireless Consortium has developed a specification that is
designed to enable consumers to enjoy new levels of wireless performance,
coverage and interoperability prior to ratification of an 802.11n standard.
The EWC specification defines technologies that address the PC and networking
equipment market, as well as emerging handheld and consumer electronic
applications. The consortium has designed its specification to support speeds
of up to 600 Mbps, and is considering the inclusion of other advanced
technologies -- including Space Time Block Coding (STBC) and beamforming --
that will enable systems to deliver greater range for wireless products across
multiple market segments and support advanced multimedia applications.
    The EWC will make its draft product specification available for public
download and will provide implementation rights to all silicon suppliers and
system vendors who join the organization. Among the current members are
Airoha, Apple, Atheros, Azimuth, Broadcom, Buffalo, Cisco Systems, Conexant,
D-Link, Gateway, Intel Corporation, Lenovo, Linksys, LitePoint, Marvell,
Metalink, NETGEAR, Ralink, Realtek, SANYO, Sony, Symbol Technologies, Toshiba,
USRobotics, WildPackets, Winbond and ZyDAS. If the EWC specification is
ratified by the IEEE, EWC members have agreed to make their intellectual
property (IP) necessary to the specification available to all parties on
reasonable and non-discriminatory (RAND) terms.
    Members of the EWC will continue to work within the IEEE Task Group "N" to
facilitate a ratified 802.11n standard. Its specification includes many
elements of previous proposals, which will accelerate the completion of a
merged proposal draft within the official IEEE timeline.

    Technical Highlights
    The EWC specification comprises a number of technical elements, including:

    *  Mixed-mode interoperability with 802.11a/b/g networks -- provides
       enhanced performance while maintaining communication with legacy

    *  PHY transmission rates up to 600Mbps -- supports applications requiring
       high data rates (such as transmitting multiple HDTV streams), and
       reduces battery drain by minimizing the time required to send and
       receive data streams;

    *  Enhanced efficiency MAC with frame aggregation -- brings actual
       throughput closer to the raw PHY rate, providing end users with at
       least 100 Mbps application level bandwidth;

    *  Use of 2.4GHz and/or 5GHz unlicensed bands -- matches the frequency
       plan of existing 802.11 devices;

    *  20MHz and/or 40MHz channel support -- uses more of the wireless
       spectrum when available to enhance performance;

    *  Spatial multiplexing modes for simultaneous transmission using 1 to 4
       antennas -- increases robustness of wireless connections to support
       very high data rates;

    *  Enhanced range via multiple antennas and advanced coding -- provides
       for a wider coverage area with consistent wireless speeds.

    For additional information about the Enhanced Wireless Consortium and a
complete listing of member companies, please visit

                     Addendum of Quotes from EWC Members

    Airoha Technology Corporation
    "Airoha has been closely watching the status of the IEEE 802.11n standard
and supports the EWC's efforts to speed its ratification," said Michael Lu,
CEO of Airoha. "We feel that by bringing a widely-accepted specification to
the IEEE, the EWC is taking the lead to hasten the standards process."

    Atheros Communications, Inc.
    "The EWC specification combines the best features of the TGn Sync and
WWiSE proposals to accelerate agreement within the IEEE. We believe the EWC is
the catalyst necessary to establish an IEEE standard that will drive adoption
of high-performance WLAN devices. Early availability of interoperable products
will benefit consumers and, ultimately, the entire WLAN industry," said Craig
Barratt, president and chief executive officer of Atheros.

    Azimuth Systems
    "As the leader in Wi-Fi engineering test equipment, Azimuth knows the
importance of timely delivery of standard tools in bringing new technology to
market," said Jeff Abramowitz, vice president of marketing for Azimuth
Systems. "We have been aggressively developing our next generation test
solutions and are eager to support the EWC's effort to accelerate the 802.11n

    Broadcom Corporation
    "By joining with other Wi-Fi leaders to create a specification for high-
performance interoperable wireless solutions, Broadcom hopes to accelerate the
IEEE process," said Michael Hurlston, general manager of Broadcom's Home &
Wireless Networking Business Unit.  "We intend to meet customer demand for
networked wireless products that have the bandwidth and quality of service
necessary to deliver exciting new data, video, and voice services in the home
and the office."

    Buffalo Inc.
    "As a leading Wi-Fi solution provider, Buffalo combines state-of-the-art
wireless technologies to make the user's experience easy and stable, while
delivering the highest performance," said Kuniaki Saiki, president of Buffalo
Inc. "By joining the Enhanced Wireless Consortium, we expect to accelerate the

introduction of high-speed, interoperable products and further enrich the user
experience in the home, small office and enterprise."

    Cisco Systems, Inc.
    "Cisco has a strong commitment to the standards process, and supports the
Enhanced Wireless Consortium and its goal of helping accelerate 802.11n
standardization," said Brett Galloway, vice president and general manager of
Cisco's Wireless Networking Business Unit. "We believe that accelerating this
effort is in the best interest of customers as they continue to deploy more
advanced, content-rich services and applications over their wireless

    Conexant Systems, Inc.
    "Conexant is a strong advocate of standards-based products, and we joined
the Enhanced Wireless Consortium to help drive an industry-wide consensus on
an 802.11n specification," said Chee Kwan, vice president and general manager
of Conexant's Wireless Networking business. "Achieving this important
milestone quickly will help to ensure the early availability of interoperable,
higher performance wireless LAN products, which benefits both end-users and
wireless networking solutions providers."

    D-Link Systems, Inc.
    "Technology users are best served when the technology designers,
developers and manufacturers work together to deliver standards that meet a
range of objectives like those in the EWC specification, which embrace the
needs of the users in the long run," said AJ Wang, chief technology officer
for D-Link. "The fundamental principle for building industry standards is to
create the next generation of interoperable, performance, range and security
solutions in an open environment for compatibility and variety, where the
market is right-sized through competition."

    Intel Corporation
    "Intel is committed to advancing the adoption of standards, and
participation in the Enhanced Wireless Consortium is one way we hope to
accelerate the adoption of a final IEEE 802.11n standard," said Jim Johnson,
vice president and general manager of Intel's Wireless Networking Group. "By
joining with numerous other industry players, we hope to speed ratification of
the standard as well as jointly develop a common guideline to deliver
interoperable solutions in the interim."

    Lenovo International
    "Lenovo is dedicated to investing in technology that enhances the
computing experience of our customers, as we've demonstrated through our
award-winning ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkVantage Technologies," said Howard
Dulany, worldwide marketing manager for wireless products at Lenovo. "We're
looking forward to working closely with the EWC on developing wireless
standards that create a more robust yet simplified environment for mobile
consumers and workforces."

    Linksys, a Division of Cisco Systems, Inc.
    "Linksys is committed to driving specifications that help enhance the
speed, range and security of networking products for consumers, as standards
are essential to mass adoption and acceptance of any new technology," said
Malachy Moynihan, Linksys Vice President of Engineering and Product Marketing.
"The EWC's efforts to advance WLAN technology towards the industry's ultimate
goal of a 802.11n standard will help provide the public with products that
simplify their lifestyle at home, on the road or in the office."

    LitePoint Corporation
    "Users of wireless products want standards. They want to be free to pick
the products that best meet their needs without giving thought to
interoperability. Through the Enhanced Wireless Consortium, we will arrive at
an IEEE 802.11n standard sooner, giving users that freedom," said Benny
Madsen, CEO of LitePoint. "LitePoint, the leading supplier of one-box test
equipment for Wi-Fi and MIMO, will continue to support the test requirements
for emerging wireless technologies. When the chipsets are ready, LitePoint
will be there with competitive test solutions."

    "Consumers are demanding increasingly complex products that require higher
data rates and expanded range. It is in the best interest of the market to
accelerate the development of the 802.11n standard to meet this demand," said
Dr. Paramesh Gopi, General Manager of Marvell's Embedded and Emerging Business
Unit. "Joint development of the 802.11n spec between Marvell and the other EWC
members is the fastest path to reach a decision on the new specification, and
ultimately deliver leading edge products into the hands of consumers."

    Metalink Broadband, Ltd.
    "The convergence of consumer electronics and PC worlds requires a new
grade of networking. Networks based on 802.11n are positioned to become the
infrastructure for the broadband home," said Tzvika Shukhman, chairman and CEO
of Metalink. "We believe that the establishment of the EWC will speed up the
creation of a successful standard for wireless LAN, enabling a wide array of
new, rich multimedia applications such as the delivery of multiple HDTV
streams throughout the home."

    NETGEAR, Inc.
    "Our customers are demanding innovation in wireless networking to support
the applications of tomorrow, and multi-vendor interoperability is just as
important to them as speed, range, and security," said Mark Merrill, chief
technology officer of NETGEAR. "As a leader in the networking industry
enabling connectivity for computing and consumer electronics devices, we are
pleased that our technology partners are collaborating to accelerate the
realization of the next generation of advanced wireless solutions that will be
multi-vendor interoperable."

    Ralink Technology Corporation
    "The EWC brings together the best ideas from the 802.11n task group for
implementation, and we are happy to participate" said Dr. Dennis Lo, senior
vice president of Ralink Technology. "This initiative will ultimately
streamline the ratification process by building a wide industry consensus, and
will broaden the WLAN market by bringing interoperable, high-speed products to
the multimedia market. In the end, the consumer will win by having this
tremendous technology available sooner in a wide array of wireless data, voice
and video products."

    Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
    "We are pleased with the establishment of the Enhanced Wireless Consortium
and believe that this collaboration will speed the release of the 802.11n
standard," said Alex Chiu, president of Realtek Semiconductor. "This makes it
possible for the WLAN industry to accelerate development of wireless
technologies and speedily provide new-generation interoperable, high-
performance, and wide-coverage wireless solutions that enable construction of
the digital home and offer the convenience of digital living."

    "Toshiba wants to contribute to standardization of the next-generation
wireless LAN, and EWC is clearly the best forum for doing so," said Mutsuhiro
Arinobu, director of Toshiba's Corporate Research and Development Center. "The
EWC initiative is bringing the industry to a consensus standard for WLAN that
will boost speed and range and offer improved usability to consumers. It will
provide a strong stimulus for growth and development in PC, AV and handheld
applications markets."

    "USRobotics believes in the adoption of standards to ensure the highest
level of vendor interoperability for our customers. By joining the EWC and
supporting the specification within the IEEE, we hope to accelerate the
availability of next generation wireless solutions to provide industry-leading

performance, maximum coverage and just as importantly, multi-vendor
interoperability," said Joseph Hartnett, president and CEO of USRobotics.

    "This vendor group represents a very strong presence in the wireless
industry, from chips to analyzers, forming the necessary catalyst to bring
cohesion to the 802.11n effort and accelerate wireless adoption.  WildPackets
has always been aggressive in supporting the manufacturing community in their
development of interoperable hardware to support new standards through the
visualization of the packets underlying these standards," said Bill Northlich,
vice president of technology and product management for WildPackets.

    Winbond Electronics Corp.
    "The next step in WLAN evolution is long overdue," said Jonathan Wang, AVP
of Network Access Products at Winbond. "The EWC brings new vigor to the
standardization process. The interoperable baseline will enable creativity in
WLAN technologies to serve the particular needs of the PC, CE and mobile
products in a scalable fashion. As such, Winbond is eager to share its
wireless networking expertise with this group interested in fostering a
healthy diversity of solution providers that will benefit consumers."

    ZyDAS Technology Corporation
    "The EWC will help to build an interoperable specification and accelerate
the 802.11n standard building process. As an 802.11 a/b/g chipsets provider,
ZyDAS will keep supporting the upcoming 802.11n standard and is glad to join
this constructive and productive group," said Wayne Hwang, president of ZyDAS.

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    Media Contacts for Additional Information:
     Airoha - Giant Su (+886-3-6117509, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     Atheros - Susan Lansing (408-773-5216, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     Azimuth - Jill Ryan (401-438-0614, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     Broadcom - Henry Rael (949-926-5734, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     Buffalo - Kelly Reeves (949-509-1888, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     Cisco Systems - Chris McKie (408-525-6366, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     Conexant - Gwen Carlson (949-483-7363, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     D-Link - Darek Connole (800-326-1688 Ext. 6223, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     Intel - Amy Martin (408-653-6622, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     Lenovo - Jeff Dudash (919-991-3445, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     Linksys - Karen Sohl (949-823-1578, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     LitePoint - Paul Wcislo (408-456-5000 Ext. 242,
     Marvell - Diane Vanasse (408-242-0027, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     Metalink - Mor Abraham (+972-9-9605406, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     NETGEAR - Doug Hagan (408-907-8053, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     Ralink - Lillian Chiu (408-725-8070, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     Realtek - Cynthia Tai (+886-3-578-0211 Ext. 5619,
     SANYO - Ryan Watson (+81-3-3837-6206, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     Sony - Corporate Communications (+81-3-5448-2200)
     Symbol Technologies - Ed Tan (408-528-2996, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     Toshiba - Midori Suzuki (+81-3-3457-2105, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     US Robotics - Gena Mazzeo (847-874-2135, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     WildPackets - Ronnie Holland (925 937-3200, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     Winbond - Renato D'Orfani (408-474-1605, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
     ZyDAS - Yuh-Ren Jauh (+886-3-5773309 Ext. 652, [EMAIL PROTECTED])

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