anyone close to Georgia Tech know more details of their involvement?


On Nov. 25, the Seoul Metropolitan Government signed an agreement with Seoul National University of Technology, Korea Electric Power Corporation and Korean Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences to build "Technopolis," a complex for high- technology industries in Gongneung-dong, northern Seoul.

The Techonopolis will be a strategic stronghold for the research and development of new sophisticated technologies such as nanotechnology, information technology and biotechnology. The construction of the Technopolis, which will be completed by 2014, will cost approximately 495.1 billion won (USD 475.5 million).

Smart House, the main building of the Technopolis, will have 12 floors above ground and 1 floor underground covering an area of 30,580 square meters, offering a "clean room," rooms, critical to nanotech research, especially designed to reduce the number of dust particles in the air, and 100-strong companies specialized in manufacturing high-tech products, such as semiconductors and LCD monitors.

In addition to Smart House, a research center will be also set up in the Technopolis, where, with the support of Geogia Tech, one of the oldest and most respected polytechnic universities in the US and Korean prominent companies, educational programs will be open to train professionals for Micro System Packaging.

An official for Seoul City said, "The Technopolis will greatly contribute to the development of strategic industries of Seoul. It will generate an added value worth 2 trillion won (USD 1.9 billion) and create over 4,000 jobs in the related field."

For more information, please contact the Seoul Technopolis Construction Center at (02) 970-6132, or Industrial Policy Division, Seoul Metropolitan Government, at (02) 6321-4008.

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