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Date: November 30, 2005 7:42:53 AM PST
Subject: DIFFUSION eBooks: 7 new titles published in 2005

Proboscis is pleased to announce the publication of three new eBooks in addition to four published earlier this year. You can download all the eBooks (in A4 and US Letter versions) at:

Liquid Geography Series
Hayden Lorimer & Kate Foster – Cross-bills
Joyce Majiski – Confluences, Influences, Passages
Louise K Wilson – Aerial Stories: notes about gravity, bodies and the view out the window

Liquid Geography is a Proboscis research theme exploring contemporary perceptions of geography, territory and landscape, includes 2 series of eBooks inspired by the way people map and define their environment, share and connect their knowledge and experience. Series 2, Topographies and Tales, was commissioned alongside the Topographies & Tales project in March 2005. Topographies & Tales is a project concerned with relationships between people, language, identity and place and includes a short film, set of StoryCubes and a two day Creative Lab with Canada House. The project research took place as part of collaborative ventures in Scotland with Glenmore Outdoor Education Centre; in London in the Proboscis Studio; with the Canadian High Commission in London and in Dawson City, Canada with the Klondike Institute of Arts and Culture.

Species of Spaces Series
Raoul Bunschoten – Stirring Still, The city soul and its metaspaces
Nina Czegledy – On Spatial Perception
Scott deLahunta – Separate Spaces: some cognitive dimensions of movement Minna Tarkka – Labours of Location: acting in the pervasive media space

Species of Spaces is inspired by and in homage to George Perec's eponymous book. The series contemplates how we occupy space in the contemporary world of the twenty-first century – the virtual and physical, emotional and social – what Perec called the "infra- ordinary". Species of Spaces questions the trajectory of contemporary urban existence, intervening in current debates on how the virtual and the physical relate to each other, and how technological advances affect cultural and social structures.

For further details about the Liquid Geography & Species of Spaces series, lists of published eBooks and author biographies please visit:

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