E-mail and SMS simplify contacts with nursing homes

Family members want to use SMS and e-mail messages to reach and maintain
contact with personnel working with home-help services and the care of the
elderly. These are some of the findings of a survey that TeliaSonera has
conducted to poll 6,000 private persons and 250 municipal decision-makers
all over Sweden.

Forty percent of the persons responding to the survey stated that they would
like to use e-mail to maintain contact with personnel working at nursing
homes. Just as many people polled in the survey said they would like to
receive news and information from the nursing home via a homepage on the
Internet. More than 20% responded that they, as a family member, wanted to
be able to contact personnel in home-help services and elderly care by using
the SMS service.

"It is already clear today that family members want to reach and maintain
contact with personnel in home-help services and nursing homes in a simple
manner by sending and receiving e-mail and SMS messages. Increased usage of
modern communication services in the care sector can simplify day-to-day
life for many and also help municipalities save money," says Indra sander,
head of the consumer segment at TeliaSonera Sweden.

Computers and web cameras at nursing homes

According to the survey, ordinary Swedes are more interested in maintaining
contacts electronically than decision-makers in municipalities. To
facilitate communications with family members in care facilities for the
elderly, 27% of the respondents would like to see computers installed at
nursing homes to exchange e-mail, for example, with family members. Fifteen
percent was very interested in being able to talk to family members at care
facilities via a web camera.

The assisted care facility at Tors backe in Sollentuna, just north of
Stockholm, is planning to open an Internet cafe in January. This will
probably be the one of the first Internet caf├ęs for the elderly in Sweden. 

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