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From: Jonathan Peizer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: 5 January 2006 00:37:44 GMT
Subject: RE: <PPP in ICT> The Dynamics of Technology for Social Change

I’d like to announce the publication of my new book The Dynamics of
Technology for Social Change. I hope some on the list may find it

Information about the book and where to purchae it online is available

The Dynamics of Technology for Social Change  
The book’s primary objective is to help people understand how to
successfully design, implement, and evaluate ICT projects in a
complicated landscape, by explaining the underlying principles that
influence outcomes.  It’s an important resource for anyone attempting
social sector initiatives. Social change projects often involve
partnerships between nonprofits, the private sector, philanthropies and
government. The book provides some unique insights into how the various
sectors understand the issues, and the impact of differing institutional
objectives on project outcomes. Leveraging my own multi-sector
experiences the book offers strategies covering capacity, marketing,
partnerships, sustainability, implementation and evaluation among other
topics. In the process, readers are offered a unusual look inside the
Soros Foundation’s global Internet Program as it facilitated social
change through technology. 

Director Chris Coward of the University of Washington’s Center for
Internet says, “What makes this book valuable is the combination of
Peizer's open and honest assessment of projects he's been associated
with, and an ability to distill his vast experience into a series of
principles and practical guidance for developing an effective IT

If you feel the book merits other people reading it there is a press
release you can point people to or cut and paste in e-mail at: 



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