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 Wi-fi slow to enthuse consumers
Most people are not taking advantage of the freedom offered by laptops with
wi-fi built-in, a study has found.

According to a survey for electronics giant Toshiba, only a handful of
people use a laptop to go online when they are outside of the home.

Just 11% used laptops in hotels, 7% on trains and 3% in coffee shops,
compared to 55% who used them mostly at home.

There are over 10,000 wi-fi hotspots in the UK but not everyone is aware of

The survey found that 15% thought there were not enough wireless locations
for them to use the technology.

Technology confusion

"Many users appear to be failing to capitalise on the opportunities
presented to them through mobility," said Steve Crawley, head of mobile
strategy at Toshiba.

"Consumers who are only using their devices in the home are missing out on
huge opportunities to benefit from technologies which can dramatically
improve their working lives," he said.

The survey also found that a core of users are still reticent about the

Just under 20% of laptop owners said they did not know how to use its
wireless functions and one in four said they did not want to pay to use a
wi-fi hotspot.

Nearly 90% said the big disadvantage of wireless working was that it meant
they worked longer hours.

The majority said their laptops meant they worked an extra hour or two each
week but a fifth said their extra hours were as high as 10 per week.

Security concerns are still a worry for 19% of people, who cited this as the
reason for not using wi-fi. 

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