The magic is in BaseTelluriumGroovyTestCase and
TelluriumGroovyTestCase if you use Groovy.
The above two classes handle the initialization procedure for

As a result, for the following,

before "start selenium", {
 given "selenium is up and running", {
  selenium = new DefaultSelenium("localhost",
   4444, "*firefox", "";)

You may want to try

before "start tellurium", {
 given "tellurium is up and running", {
  TelluriumFramework aost  = TelluriumSupport.addSupport()
  SeleniumConnector connector =  aost.connector

when "filling out the person form with a first and last name", {
 type("fname", "Britney")
 type("lname", "Smith")

after "stop tellurium" , {
 then "tellurium should be shutdown", {

The thing is I do not really know how the DSL is implemented and how
the variable such as connector
should be passed.

On Mar 3, 2:25 am, Harihara Vinayakaram <> wrote:
> Hi
>   The following page indicates how there is an integration of Selenium and
> easyb.
> What is the method to replace the so that I can use the
> Tellurium framework
> Regards
> Hari
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