Can you give us a description of your network;

Centralized vs distributed EPC?
Channel width?
Any other equipment working in the 3.65 band?


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Discrete channel?  3660 and 3690 if that's what you mean by discrete.  So I 
have 17 eNBs with 500 UE's combined and you have 100 eNBs with 1000 UE's?  I 
would say the shit is working well if I have half the number of LTE customers 
on 17 eNB's as you have on a 100 eNBs.  The reason for only 500 UE's on LTE is 
because we have only been deploying it for the last 6 months.  But I can 
guarantee you that our other 6000 customers will be getting put on it in the 
near future!

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 12:22 PM, Steve Cole 
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On 9/21/2016 1:49 PM, Justin Davis wrote:
> We have 17 ENB's and almost 500 UE's online with 2 EPC's.  Its the
> only way we are scaling our network.  We are not having any issues
> except for a random reboot needed on a CPE here and there..  The only
> support calls that come in are for UBNT gear.  The LTE side of our
> network is quite as well.  We plan on turning up an additional 5 ENB's
> sometime this winter. Out of 500 UE's I have one sitting on the bench
> that needs to get RMA'd.  I'm extremely happy with the whole platform
> from 18 mile line of site shots to 3 miles NLOS through nothing but
> forest.
Sounds like you have your own discrete channel and a low user count overall.

We have over 100 eNBs and well over 1,000 clients on 3.65Ghz.

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