Matt, are you guys running Compact 1000 on 3.65 or 3000 on the 2.5Ghz?  From 
what I'm seeing in these responses it seems that the folks using the 1000 
product are having a decent experience, but so far I've not heard a lot of 
positive feedback on the 2.5 deployments.  It would be great to hear from 
Compact 3000 users on the dropped UEs and the latest firmware.  Since there is 
still no 4X4 support after the last firmware updates there are obviously some 
difference between the two that are causing issues with the firmware rollout 
and potentially the cause of the headache some are having.

Anyone have both?  Anyone having an outstanding experience with the 3000?

Paul R. Vaughn
Tennessee Wireless
(931) 996-2050

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Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 12:23:10 -0500
From: Matthew Carpenter <>
Subject: Re: [Telrad] Down tilt - UE drops
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We have 4 eNB?s deployed, 106 UE?s and its working good.
I had a UE that needed a reboot this morning (7000 on Beta firmware), but other 
then that our service calls for LTE service issues are far and few between.

The Telrad LTE product has had a few bumps in the road, but all have been taken 
care of and things are running very smooth.  No dropped UE?s, or other odd 
things I hear about.

It has saved us in a an area where 5ghz went from working great to crap 

Matt Carpenter
Amarillo Wireless
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