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Stencil Show call for art

Hey there,

If you're still interested in submitting your stencil art to the show,
the deadline is looming. We will no longer take submissions after Aug.

Submissions have come in from around the world, so we hope you'll mail
us some stuff.

Russell and Steven

::::::::::::Current participating artists :::::::::::
Christopher Bettig, CA
Daniel C. Boyer, MI
Victor M. Da Silva Jr., MA
dumbeast, CA
eyeformation, MA
Hyst, Australia
Steve Lambert, CA
Mack, CA
Mahoney, UK
Mary V. Marsh, CA
Claude Moller, CA
Robert Patterson, CA
Luke Rollins, IN
Ally Reeves, TN
Amy Rice (Ministry of Art Collective), MN
Matthew Rose, France
Shaun Slifer,TN
Chris Stain, NY
task, UK
Scott Williams, CA
withremote, MN

::::::::::Here are the submission details again::::::::::::::


We are now taking submissions of any kind of stencil art. You can
paint them on any surface, or even send an actual stencil (the stencil
cut-out gets little visibility and is the most mysterious part of the
art form). Any artist who submits a piece will be represented on one
of the themed walls based on his/her location. If you submit more than
one piece, you have the potential of getting up again if room permits.

StencilArchive.org believes that as long as it’s a stencil, or a
stencil cut-out, it’s a piece of art worth sharing. All levels of
experience are welcome and encouraged to submit, and all forms
(images, text-only, outdoor or indoor) are welcome. Please do not send
any photos of stencils or other types of art work unless there’s an
actual stencil on it.


Mail all submissions to:
Stencil Submission c/o
Russell H.
3705 25th St., #4
San Francisco, CA

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Must be received no later than August 7,
2003 (late submissions may not go up)

::The following information is REQUIRED for each piece submitted::

-the title of the piece(s)
-the name of the artist(s) (if you use a street “handle”, and want to
use it instead, your personal name will not be released to the public)
-the location of the artist(s)
-artist contact information  (em, snail add, and phone #)
-permission to sell as benefit (see below for more info)
-suggested price of the piece(s)

If you want your artwork returned to you, please include a self-
addressed, stamped envelop (SASE) with the correct amount of postage
on it. SASE must also be the same size as the original package. Once
the show goes down, your stencils will be mailed back to you in your
SASE envelope.

Due to the nature of the show, the curators cannot be responsible for
any alteration or damage to your original art. The Crucible Steel
Gallery is an unsupervised, free, public gallery, so the curators
cannot be responsible for any theft of artwork either. We’ll try our
best to take care or your stuff if you want it back.

All artists in the show will have their name in all the promotional
materials. A special page will be set up on StencilArchive.org
documenting the show, the pieces displayed, and the artists that made


StencilArchive.org and The Budget Gallery are grassroots organizations
that believe in enhancing our public spaces with amazing art.

This being said, if you are interested in giving permission to sell
your piece(s), please do so. All funds raised will go directly to
covering costs of renting the gallery, producing the opening with
anything extra supporting both of our projects. Prices will be
reasonable so that anyone can walk away with amazing stencil art.

If you do not wish to donate your piece, and do not want it returned,
your artwork will become part of the physical, and eventually
digitally documented, StencilArchive files.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Russell H.

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