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Faux Queen call for contestants


We only have two requirements: 1) you are a Woman, and 2) you are a Drag Queen. But to win the title, you will have to be fiercer than the Artic winds! You are vying for a place among the finest lineage of show stoppers this city has ever seen. We're talking about women who can out drag a Drag Queen, Girl; so be prepared for some stiff competition.

We are basically here to have some fun and raise money for local community services-in a way that breaks even our modern gender barriers, You Charitable Pioneer, You! This year, FQP benefits San Francisco Sex Information (www.sfsi.org) and the St. James Infirmary (www.stjamesinfirmary.org).

FQPX is on Sunday, August 14, 2005 and it begins promptly @ 8pm whether you are ready or not. The Pageant is at Slim's, 333 - 11th street, SF, www.slims-sf.com. Your core team for the evening will be: Benji aka DJ Pusspuss and our lovely spin doctor for the evening; Melinda Adams, your curly buxom vixen and stage manager extraordinaire; Cameron Eng, your line producer and gopher for the night; and Ruby Toosday, your grande dame Honorary Judge Foreman.

You can reach us at 415.331.1500, x3438, [EMAIL PROTECTED]; you can also reach me (Cameron) at 415.531.5855.


The Pageant itself is broken into three portions: the Catwalk, the Talent Showoff and the Crowning Ceremony. You will only be scored during the Catwalk and the Talent Showoff. You will be judged in three categories: Drag, Talent and Personality with bonus points awarded at the judges' discretion. Drag accounts for 30% of your score; Talent 40%; Personality is 20%; and our ever-susceptible Judges have 10% of your score to award as they see fit. Tips earned during your act will count as bonus points (1:1) towards your point total. So encourage your friends to come and tip liberally -- remember it's all for charity.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be sharing dressing rooms with MANY other people, so please take care with your belongings and be mindful of other's. It will be crowded and time will be short, so please arrive as near to made-up as possible and put the finishing touches on after you check in. Fauxs have primary access to backstage with little room for anyone else.


This is your first appearance where you will strut your stuff while our emcee introduces you to our audience and judges. After your presentation, you will be allowed to return to the dressing rooms to prepare for the Talent Portion. You will have roughly 25 minutes to prepare, even if you are Faux #1; but please pretend you only have 20. Believe us, it will help.


You should prepare a 4 minute number, be it lipsynching, live singing, stand up psychic comedy, high wire acrobatics, interpretive dance, shadow puppetry, kung fu fighting, etc. Newby performers please keep in mind that traditionally audience members will want to hand you their tips but this is not a hard and fast rule just something to keep in mind.. There will be many contestants so making your number short and sweet will help the night run smoothly and on time. The Emcee will read the Talent Portion Introduction using information from your entry form, more information is usually better and as a suggestion why not tell us about your outfit including hair, make-up and or jewelry? Then, Sweetie, you're on. After your performance you will get a few Q&A from the celebrity judges while our tip team is collecting the potentially hundreds of dollars in tips littering the stage

You must CLEARLY LABEL your CD with your drag name and the track number. Seasoned performers have learned and we will share with you - keep it simple for music cues, usually music starts once you are introduced or once you are in a set position on the stage - we need to know. If you need any help, please contact us at [EMAIL PROTECTED] to see if we can work something out.

If your performance has any tech, please go over it with us. We will have a Sound Check the afternoon of the Pageant if you need to test equipment. Because of space limitations we need to know if you have any large props, please consider using only items that store flat and take up little space when not in use.

Please keep your back-up performers and entourages at a minimum. We hate to reiterate, but we will be tremendously short of space will the many participants and in such a tight space it gets very very hot. The fewer people downstairs the better - we fully reserve the right to limit access downstairs. Please also note that we WILL have a handful of approved media folks interviewing and taking photos so no need to read them - they are here to make you a star!

PLEASE NOTE: If your act is particularly messy, we would appreciate if you would take precautions (plastic tarps, traffic cones and the like) including a way to clean up the foam, gels, jello, fake blood (real blood, too!) or any potentially offending substance that would make it difficult for the next performer. (Praise be to Humidity Le Ray--and her live cherry jello cesarean section--for bringing her own janitor!)


Your final appearance; all fauxs will be brought to the stage ala Miss America for our former Faux Queens to help award the winners with their titles, sashes and prizes. This will be prime photo opportunity time. And once the Pageant is over, you will have access to the stage and all our photographers will be expecting a few poses at that time.




For Drag Queens Trapped in Women's Bodies!

WHEN: Sunday, August 14th, 2005,
      doors & Polkacide at 7pm, contest at 8pm

WHERE:      Slim's, 333 11th Street, San Francisco

TICKETS:     $10 advance / $15 door;   ALL AGES!!!
Proceeds benefit San Francisco Sex Information & St. James Infirmary

INFO:             www.klubstitute.com
                    [EMAIL PROTECTED]
                   Or    415.331-1500 ext. 3438

San Francisco, CA: The KLUBSTiTUTE KOLLECTiVE presents an evening of gender-bending debauchery with the world's only (and 10th Annual) FAUX QUEEN Pageant where drag queens trapped in women's bodies compete for celebrity judges' points and tips from the audience on Sunday August 14th at Slim's in San Francisco. We will FROCK you! "It's Desperate Housewives meets Hairspray on American Idol!" stated contest co-coordinator Sister Kitty Catalyst. "We have the most creative performers coming out of the female drag closet!" Contestants will earn points for Drag presentation, Talent and Personality. Performer's tips from the audience counts as bonus points towards their favorite faux and all the monies raised benefit San Francisco Sex Information & St. James Infirmary which serve San Francisco's diverse communities. Contestants compete for fabulous prizes and titles including the coveted last place, Too Fish Award. "I am there!" quipped celebrity judge Deena Davenport, faux muse and icon who ruffled quite a few drag feathers when named best drag queen at SF's annual Pride parade. Michiko Saito, filmmaker and another of the distinguished celebrity judges added, "I'm looking forward to the contest - knowing how I feel and live as a girl trapped inside of a gay boy's drag queen body!" Other celebrity judges include author and co-founding member of The Popstitutes and Klubstitute Alvin Orloff; San Francisco Human Rights Commissioner and trans activist Cecilia Chung; underground legend Ruby Toosday; secret weapon, scholar, curator and multimedia artist Jordy Jones; artist and TV hostess Dee Dee Russell; celebutant Birdie Bob Watt who thinks she is actually playing Match Game 76 and artist, performer and Booty Call photographer Miss Juanita More! "The Faux Queen Pageant explores the American dreams of self- determination and reinvention, says contest co-coordinator and uber nun Sister Kitty Catalyst, "these performers are deconstructing and dramatizing the gender norms and diversity of the female experience and it's wonderfully inspiring, They are unshackling and then accessorizing what it means to be a woman!" "Wacky and wonderful...way over the top!" states CNN.com Celebrity announcing (the voice of God) will be SF Entertainment Commissioner and late-night entertainment hero Terrance Alan. Musical support is being served up by hipster DJ Pusspuss, delivering funky global village tunes for everyone's inner queen and our opening band is an incredible San Francisco treasure. Before Riverdance, the polka was the whitest dance form imaginable - we celebrate and liberate traditional values polka with the magical hardcore polka of Polkacide (www.Polkacide.com) celebrating 20 years of "abandoning ones troubles to loud music, wild dancing and copious amounts of good beer!" Doors at 8p Polkacide will polka you long time soon after!

About the beneficiaries:
San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) is a free information and referral switchboard providing anonymous, accurate, non- judgmental information about sex. Visit them online at www.sfsi.org St. James Infirmary offers free, confidential, nonjudgmental medical and social services for all sex workers. They are the first occupational safety and health clinic for sex workers in the world run by and for sex workers! Visit them online at www.STJamesInfirmary.org

Since 1990, KLUBSTiTUTE has paraded glamour, gore and gender- blending gambles in honor of a rich tradition. We set the stage for underground queer cabaret, wacky theme parties and kinky drag performances including ROCKY HORROR SUPERSTAR: the Jesus of Frankenfurter Story - a full-scale drag-a-rific lip-synch musical; PromSTiTUTE an alternative alternative to queer youth proms, Ruby's Rated X-Mas and the VIRGIN QUEEN CONTEST for 1st Time Drag Queens. We envision a world where everyone's inner-fabulousness is shared and exploited if not downright appreciated. Together we make life a lot more livable!

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