Hi all,

The version of my LLVM is 3.8.0.
Terra occurred a problem that I can't generate completed same local
function for second JIT module.
In the test(class6.t), the Terra should generate two JIT module but Terra
just generate :

declare internal double @"$C.times2"(%C*)

instead of

declare internal double @"$C.times2"(%C*) {
    %1 = getelementptr %C, %C* %0, i64 0, i32 1
    %2 = load i32, i32*%1, align 4
    %3 = shl i32 %2, 2
    %4 = sitofp i32 %3 to double
    ret double %4

LLVM will crash when it can't link the function.

Please help me.

Thank you all.

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