I have scanned some index pages that I would like to ocr for rapid 
searching. I am using tesseract from the command line. The problem is that 
tesseract ignores the whitespace between columns and merges everything 
together, essentially fragmenting the contents. Using some debug output I 
see that no "columns" are detected. Probably more important is that three 
"blocks" are detected, one around the first and last line, and one 
encompassing everything in between. Is there a way to train block 
detection, or some parameters that I can tweak to optimize this?

I have attached the image merely as an abstract representation of the text 
layout to show the types of columns I am dealing with. Ideally, it would 
also be nice to know if tab stops can be trained and used to oneline each 
individual topic, which I could do postprocess if I could get tabstops 

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