for engtrain and engeval they almost have the same command but for eval you 
specify the font using the argument --font-list, while in train you define 
the fonts in language-specifics.sh , I ran both command and I noticed that 
they produce the same results files, except in engtrain case there will be 
lstmf file for each font in language-specific.sh.

but now there is another question, in the fine tuning 
command is:
training/lstmtraining --model_output ~/tesstutorial/impact_from_small/impact 
  --continue_from ~/tesstutorial/engoutput/base_checkpoint \
  --train_listfile ~/tesstutorial/engeval/eng.training_files.txt \
  --max_iterations 1200

and for evaluating its also uses:
training/lstmeval --model ~/tesstutorial/impact_from_small/impact_checkpoint 
  --eval_listfile ~/tesstutorial/engeval/eng.training_files.txt

for me it seems its a typo at the fine tuning command since the argument 
--eval_listfile  *~/tesstutorial/engeval*
so in both cases the commands contains engeval, my question, since I don't 
want to run the fine tuning many times, so can I use the training files 
that exists in the engtrain ? instead to create files for the engeval for 
every font and then run the fine tune against its training files.


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