Won't anyone know what is the best parameters to pass to tesseract for such 
a case where expected text is already known?

On Friday, August 4, 2017 at 12:27:00 AM UTC+5:30, ak...@cronj.com wrote:
> I need to verify if a vehicle at a gate is the one I'm expecting it to be 
> i.e. the for the vehicle image I intend to run OCR on, I already know the 
> licence plate number which I'm expecting, just need to verify that it's the 
> same,
> Ideally this task should ideally be way simpler/efficient for any OCR to 
> do than actually try to recognize texts from scratch. 
> My question is there a way I can tell Tesseract OCR the expected text and 
> it just gives me the match score and based on which my application can take 
> the decision?

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