For the R bindings for Tesseract, we would like the user to be able to set 
custom tesseract parameters to api->Init() at runtime. However due to the 
way tesseract is implemented, tesseract crashes the R process if the user 
passes an unsupported parameter (see GH issue #1334). This is very bad.

As a workaround, I would like to first validate each user parameter before 
passing them to api->Init(). Currently my code looks like below, where 
'names' and 'values' are string vectors, and 'out' is a boolean vector:

  tesseract::ParamsVectors p;
  for(size_t i = 0; i < names.size(); i++){
    out[i] = tesseract::ParamUtils::SetParam(,, 

This code works, however it actually returns FALSE for some parameters. To 
be precise, from the 680 parameters returned by api->PrintVariables() in 
Tesseract 3.05, only the first 222 (until classify_pico_feature_length) are 
marked as valid this way.

I don't understand why this happens. Maybe some parameters are init-only 
and others are not? What would be a method to validate a tesseract 
parameter in C++ that would return TRUE for any supported tesseract 
parameter? Such that we can be sure that it is safe to pass these 
parameters to base->Init() ?

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