Hi. my name is june. Hi shree. I have a question. I'm using bash script you 
gave me.

in the script ..

# the EVAL handles the quotes in the font list
eval $tesstrain_dir/tesstrain.sh \
   --lang $Lang \
   --noextract_font_properties \
   --exposures "0" \
   --fonts_dir $fonts_dir \
   --fontlist $fonts_for_training \
   --langdata_dir $langdata_dir \
   --training_text $langdata_dir/$Lang/$Lang.$plusTraining_text \
   --tessdata_dir $bestdata_dir \
   --output_dir $train_output_dir
P.S everything variables is assgined. and (e.g. fonts_for_training="Baekmuk 

Run script(above). But I have an error . It doesn't work

So I have to delete " --fontlist $fonts_for_training " and  I make a pair 
of tesstrain1.sh & language-specific1.sh (for training_fonts) 

In this case It does work. 

I review my system (ubuntu 16.04.03 LTS) $ fc-list 


I have lots of korean fonts 

But, it doesn't work 

Why pango library doesn't recognize the fonts I installed.

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