Hi. I got the message from runnig tesseract from my tuned 

1) Whenver I use tesseract , tesseract always give me a message = "Warning 
. Invalid resolution 0 dip. Using Constant(e.g 30, 70, 80 , 120,...) instead

Is it oK?

2) I'm using my korean tuned fine tuned traineddata ....but, always give 
message like that " Error opening data file ~~~~ /chi_tra.trainddata " 
please make sure the TESSDATA_PREFIX environment varialbe

Is it OK?

shree you teach me ///refer to kor.config 

and I saw the kor.config.. so I must refer to kor.config 

tessedit_load_sublangs chi_tra <-------- 

so I must to download chi_tra.traineddata in my tessdata folder and When I 
trained korean traineddata , I must train chi_tra.traineddata ??? 

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