Hi all,

I read in a different post that training Tesseract 4.0 from images is not 
supported, is this true? I have been able to successfully train Tesseract 
4.0 so far using font data. When using tesstrain.sh, the script creates a 
number of files, including an lstmf file alongside the usual trainedata 
file (and there are some others like unicharset). I was wondering if it is 
possible to use the traineddata generation from image and boxfile described 
in the Tesseract 3.0 training instructions to create these training files 
to train Tesseract 4.0. Tesseract 3.0 instructions already produce a 
traineddata file, how can I generate the lstmf file (and the others) if it 
is possible?

Thank you,

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