Hey All,

A gentle reminder, Today,2018-04-10 is Add-on Modularity Test Day![0]

Featuring one of the big chnages[1] of Fedora 28 Server,
we would test to make sure that all the functionalities are performing as they 

We need to ensure it's working well enough and catch any remaining issues.
Since Modularity is a concept we have been experimenting for some time now, we 
would love to
have some good testing done while we ship it with Fedora 28.
Add on Modularity can be tested as of Fedora 28 Beta and this installment will 
focus on
listing, enabling and installing modules from various streams and specified 
It's also pretty easy to join in: all you'll need is F28 image (which you can 
grab from the wiki page).

As always, the event will be in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC.

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