The page BugZappers/BugStatusWorkFlow displays the work flow which applies to a 
Fedora bug. However, no policy is given about reopening a closed bug. At the 
bottom of the page, the reader is referred to "A Bug's Life Cycle" for further 
information. Here, we read

This bug fix has been resolved by the Assigned Engineer. The CLOSED state 
includes the resolution field which describes why a bug report is closed. See 
Resolution descriptions. If the CLOSED resolution ERRATA is set, the bug report 
cannot be reopened. Instead, enter a new bug report for a new problem."

The expression "cannot be reopened" is ambiguous. Now, some of my bugs closed 
with resolution ERRATA have been reopened by other users. Is this procedure 
allowed or should indeed a new bug be created instead which is what I was doing 
in the past?
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