> LS
> In general Fed25 Workstation beta and Wayland function OK without
> any big problems. However I think impressions also count.
> Do other users also experience the following:
> Click on "Windows" key. Go to the Dash and click on any icon,
> say 'Files' or 'Gedit'. Next to the entry in the panel a little
> icon with a spinning worm also appears and persists for a long time.
> This is not only 'weird' but irritating because you cannot click
> on the icon to edit the preferences, you have to wait until the
> spinning stops and this sometimes takes quite a long time.
> From a very rudimentary bugzilla search I gather that this is a
> known problem with Wayland. In regard to 'user experience' it might
> be nice to have this fixed before Fed25 final.

Yes, known:
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