Hi Richard,
it's disappointing, when this problem will be solved after the final release of 
F25. In this case I will skip F25 and take part again in F26/F27 as soon as 
this problem will be solved. My Acer laptop is 2 years old, Bios updated (V1.32 
published in 2016/04/07). 
Kind regards



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Betreff: Re: again F25 on USB Flash medium - with legacy ok - only problem with 
EFI -Anaconda

>install F25 Beta in legacy mode on an 64GB flash medium. And surprise 
>it>works.I think this suggests there is some configuration or BIOS problem 
>withEFI and USB in your machine.  Both Chris Murphy and I performedsuccessful 
>EFI installations, he with Apple and I with Samsung hardware.It may be 
>impossible to accurately gauge the prevalence of this problemwith the limited 
>hardware coverage available for pre-release tests.  Onthe positive side, you 
>have discovered a way to avoid the issue that mayhelp other users who 
>experience similar 
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