On Tue, 2016-10-18 at 17:08 +0000, Fedora compose checker wrote:
> Missing expected images:
> Workstation live i386
> Workstation live x86_64

These failed to compose due to libreoffice dependency issues. I see a
libreoffice build completed successfully today, so we'll see how they
go tomorrow.

> Failed openQA tests: 10/92 (x86_64), 3/16 (i386)
> New failures (same test did not fail in Rawhide-20161017.n.0):
> ID: 42067     Test: x86_64 Server-dvd-iso server_role_deploy_domain_controller
> URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/42067
> ID: 42125     Test: x86_64 universal upgrade_2_kde_64bit
> URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/42125

Both of these basically timed out while apparently working OK; not
sure if it was just bad luck or if the tests are taking longer than
they should be. I'll keep an eye on it and maybe extend some timeouts
if it keeps happening.

> Old failures (same test failed in Rawhide-20161017.n.0):
> ID: 42041     Test: x86_64 Workstation-boot-iso install_default
> URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/42041
> ID: 42042     Test: x86_64 Workstation-boot-iso install_default@uefi
> URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/42042
> ID: 42043     Test: i386 Workstation-boot-iso install_default
> URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/42043

These are all due to the libreoffice issue too.

> ID: 42104     Test: x86_64 universal install_iscsi
> URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/42104

Still https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1378156 .

> ID: 42118     Test: x86_64 universal upgrade_desktop_64bit
> URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/42118
> ID: 42121     Test: x86_64 universal upgrade_desktop_encrypted_64bit
> URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/42121
> ID: 42123     Test: x86_64 universal upgrade_2_desktop_64bit
> URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/42123
> ID: 42126     Test: x86_64 universal upgrade_2_desktop_encrypted_64bit
> URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/42126
> ID: 42145     Test: i386 universal upgrade_desktop_32bit
> URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/42145
> ID: 42146     Test: i386 universal upgrade_2_desktop_32bit
> URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/42146

These are all also caused by the libreoffice issue.

> ID: 42136     Test: x86_64 universal install_rescue_encrypted@uefi
> URL: https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/tests/42136

We added the UEFI variant of this test to the test set a few days ago,
but it actually just doesn't work properly when run on UEFI; I've filed
an issue for garretraziel to take a look at it:
If we can't fix it quickly we'll just take it out again.
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