This is related to validation tests, but different enough that I wanted
a new thread. While we *can* release new versions of FMW on at Fedora GA, there's no reason to tie the two together —
and really, some good ones to *not* double up:

* we can fix bugs without waiting
* we can add new functionality whenever
* and we don't have to worry about surprise failures due to regressions
  on GA release day affecting the rush of people

I have a feature request (use a distinct user-agent for ISO downloads
so we can tell when FMW is being used) which I'd love to not wait for
June/July to get live.

Do we want to go through validation and update the website whenever
Martin cuts a new release upstream? Or do we want to have
regularly-scheduled times to do it? Or whenever there's a particular
reason to do it and leave it alone otherwise? Or something else?

Matthew Miller
Fedora Project Leader
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